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Production Number 1 - ON HOLD

with Raja in the lead actor role, Rajendra Narayandas as Director, Gopi Ganesh as Associate
Director, and Steady Cam Prasad as Director of Photography.

Production Number 2 - IN PROGRESS

Manoranjan Movies is currently embarking on a Bollywood (Indian) style movie in Indian (Telugu)
language with reputed technical team, few established artists and introducing many local artists
from India and the United States.  Blending a cast from Telugu film industry and local artists from
Washington DC area, this film depicts the pains and pleasures associated with inter-mingling of
different cultures living together in the US.

The technical team members are Director Rasool Ellore, Director of Photography S. Sandeep
Reddy, and Music Direction Keeravani.  The cast includes Rohit Khorana and Sindhura Gadde,
Nasser, Chandramohan, Muralimohan, Suhasini,
Brahmanandam, and local US artists.

The post production activities are scheduled in India from June to July 2007.  We have plans to
release the movie across the US and India during
October - November 2007.  Discussions are
underway to dub this film in Tamil and Hindi languages as well.
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